Medical Intuitive Sessions

I guide clients to heal themselves.  I connect to your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual body and perform an intuitive scan that provides both of us an accurate reading of disruptive patterns, traumas, and discomfort that affects your life.  I share the messages your body is expressing throughout the session.  You will be provided with written recommendations to support yourself upon completion of the intuitive scan. This is a sacred relationship created between you and I.  Medical intuitive sessions are offered via in person, Zoom or phone. 

Disclaimer:  Medical intuitive sessions are in no way a replacement for professional medical care, mental health, or spiritual counseling.  

$215/90 minutes (I have a no tipping policy.  I feel my rates are a beautiful exchange for the service received.)

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What is Rife Machine Frequency Treatment?

The Rife Machine was created by Dr. Raymond Rife in the 1930's.

Dr. Rife discovered that every organism has its own unique electromagnetic oscillation pattern (vibrational energy), and when an organism becomes diseased, that pattern changes. Dr. Rife discovered that exposing diseased organisms and cells to a modified form of their own oscillation signature destroys the diseased cells, while leaving healthy cells intact and unharmed.

Frequencies are sent via metal cylinders that are placed on your body targeting and discipating pathogens.  This is a very relaxing treatment.  This machine can be used for all ailments.

Disclaimer:  Rife frequency treatment is in no way a substitute for examination, diagnosis, or treatment by a physician.


$55/ 15 minutes  $105/ 30 minutes (I have a no tipping policy.  I feel my rates are a beautiful exchange for service provided.)

What clients are saying about Rife frequency treatment:

"Thank you Charmaine for adding the "Rife Machine" as a service. After I had my third treatment from you I have had zero cold sores! I am so excited I can't even tell you. I feel that the work you did with the rife machine helped me get rid of a lifelong issue of cold sores. So I am very very grateful for that." ~ Karla

"The Rife worked great on me!  I can't wait to receive it again.  My feet aren't as numb and my legs are better!" ~ Sharon

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