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A house cleansing and blessing is one of the best things you can do for your home or business.

A house cleansing and blessing spiritually cleans your home. This service takes 30-75 minutes. Charmaine goes through each room and energetically cleanses it of all negative thoughts, feelings, energies, and entities using various energy techniques and cleansing tools. (Charmaine does use a variety of cleansing tools that do have a smell to them so if you are sensitive to sage, palo santo, incense, rose oil, or other aromatics please let her know). Clients who have had their homes cleansed and blessed are much happier, sleep better, have improved health, relationships, joy, and abudance!

Benefits of a house cleansing and blessing:

~ Removes negative energy that can be caused by trauma (domestic/emotional abuse), alcohol/drug abuse, suicide or homicide, unexpected death, long term illness, string of bad luck, entities (dark spirits)

~ Brings in positive energy and spiritual protection

What clients are saying about receiving a house cleansing and blessing:

"My mom passed away in late January in the home Charmaine cleansed and blessed for me. Before the blessing occurred, the house felt sad and empty. Everytime I would go over there I was weepy and lethargic...barely able to do what I needed to do. Since she worked her magic on the space, I have had the energy to reorganize the home and prepare it to be a furnished rental. I think of fond memories now and am able to be there for long amounts of time without feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed with grief. I feel at peace, and I know the home is happy and ready for its next occupant. Thank you Charmaine for sharing your gifts, you are an angel on Earth." ~ April

"After a lightning strike,  basement flooding three times, and a massive hail storm, I reached out to Charmaine to see if she could cleanse my house. I have a new build and something felt off since we moved in. Charmaine came to my house (which is over an hour and a half away) and cleansed the home. My house has stabilized and things are back on track. The dark energy is gone. I am so blessed to have Charmaine in my life as an energy healer and this was an absolutely amazing experience. I highly recommend her and her gifts!" ~ Amy

" I absolutely am relieved and excited by Charmaine's house cleansing/blessing. My house feels clearer, brighter, and cozy. She sensed some energy that needed attention and some ways to address issues.  I highly encourage this powerful service." ~ Dana

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