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Distant Energy Work Course through Teachable

Only $69

Can you imagine decreasing a friend’s pain and discomfort from the comfort of your own home? Can you imagine sending healing energy to your friend’s dog that just had surgery?

You can do so with distant energy work and intention. This is a healing modality that adapts to needs of the recipient, fosters natural self-healing, relaxes and reduces stress, balances energies in the body, and relieves pain and discomfort.

Who should take this course:

·        Anyone interested in adding energy work to their toolbox

·        Reiki practitioners, bodyworkers, and wellness professionals

·        Those who want to care for their loved ones that live in a different city, state, or country

·        People that have experienced the benefits of Reiki and would like to deepen their energy practice

This course is unique and was created to provide energy support and love for friends, family, clients, animals, anyone!

What students are saying about Reiki classes with Charmaine:

"Yesterday"s class was epic and a treasure.

It was excellent and went way above my expectations." ~ Christina

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