My Energy Work Experience

I was first introduced to Reiki while in massage school.  I remember my professor talking about energy work and how it is being offered as an elective in school.  My ears perked up and was immediately drawn to the word "energy".  I told myself at that moment that I was going to take Reiki training one day.  Fast forward six years later...I was drawn to a weekend intensive which would certify me in all three levels.  I walked away that weekend knowing that my life was never going to be the same.  Reiki has changed my life in the best way.  I'm so honored to connect to the vast energy that flows within us and around us.  

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In Office or distant Reiki

(I have a no tipping policy.  I feel my rates are a beautiful exchange for the service received.)

The living body radiates warmth and energy. Reiki is universal life force.  Everything alive contains this force.  

Reiki has many benefits:

Provides relaxation |  Provides pain relief | Decreases anxiety & stress | Increases immunity | Aids in healing process from injury+surgery | Supports the grief and loss process 

What is a Reiki Session?

An in person reiki session involves you lying on the bodywork table as I connect to you and your energy body.  My hands are either placed on the body or 1-5 inches away from the body depending on your energy body needs. 

A distant Reiki session works the same as an in person Reiki session only you are receiving from the comfort of your own space. Reiki is directed energy. Energy knows no time or space therefore it can be directed through time and space.  Imagine you are relaxing on a flotation device in a pool under the warm sun.  The practitioner swims by you in the pool and the healing energy is the ripple of water that gently moves your floaty.  The practitioner's focus and intent is to send energy to the client.  The client is open to receiving the energy thus providing Reiki received. You and I agree upon a time for the session.  You are asked to either sit or lie down and to receive in a quiet, uninteruppted space.

I will contact you to discuss any goals for the session.  During the session I visualize you in my minds eye and use hand positions to tune into your energy body, clearing any energy that is stuck and misaligned.  I work with your angels, spirit and animal guides as well my own.  The team comes together and guides me during the session.  Should any messages come through during the session I will share the messages at the end of the session.  You can receive this work from anywhere in the world.  

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Image of a Reiki on animals

Pet Reiki Sessions

Distant or In-Person Reiki for Animals  ~ $2.50/minute plus $20 trip charge within Denver metro area

Interested in Learning Reiki?

I offer private one on one Reiki Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 (master teachers level) classes as well as group trainings at my Reiki school or via Zoom. 
Classes are generally 3-4 hours in length.  To perform Reiki on others you must be certified in Level 1. 
To teach Reiki to community you must be certified in all three levels.  

I'm honored to be teaching Reiki for over fifteen years and to share Reiki with you!

Reiki Level 1 - $335 (**also includes Business Creation)

Reiki Level 2 - $305

Reiki Level 3 - $282

Fee includes a workbook, your certification, and a 30 minute check-in session post class which includes a distant Reiki session and meditation.

What Reiki students are saying about my classes:‚Äč

"Charmaine is a wonderful Reiki teacher.  I could feel the positive energy in her attunement and she gave me the confidence in myself that if my intention is there then I have the power to heal myself and others" ~ Heidi

"I was worried about a Reiki class via Zoom.  You were FANTASTIC!  Engaging.  Knowledgeable.  Flexible.  Adoptable.  Thank you for showing up and leading.  I really enjoyed this section." ~ Robin

"I just sat cross legged on the floor WITHOUT PAIN since the day that piece of my meniscus dropped into my knee joint in April 2021.  It has hindered my yoga, exercise, and just being on the floor with dogs and kids.  I've been doing somewhat frequent Reiki on it since our Reiki training and it's getting better everyday!" ~ Hope

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