My Massage Experience 

I'll never forget the day one of the most profound thoughts came to me. I was a member of the high school track team and I was on a run. The vision and voice hit me like a lightening bolt. "Charmaine, you're going to be a massage therapist." I ran all the way home and told my parents what I wanted to be when I grow up. "Make it happen," Mom said. I developed injuries from my running so my coach asked me if I wanted to assist him in massaging my track and field mates post runs. The first time I laid my hands on the body I knew
that was my purpose.  

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Massage Sessions

I've been offering massage to community Since 1998. 
I've had the joy to work with holisitic practitioners, doctors, chiropractors, sports and physical therapists, and professional sports teams.  It is my belief that every BODY has a story to tell and that story can unfold within the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body on the massage table.  I'm honored to witness this unfolding.  It's important to feel nurtured and safe. 
I invite you to RECEIVE an EXPERIENCE which creates PEACE.  


$105 ~ 60 minutes 

$135 ~ 90 minutes 

*Add a 20 minute Spirit/Angel Reading for only $35*

(I have a no tipping policy.  I feel my rates are a beautiful exchange for the service received.)

Therapeutic, Intuitive Massage ~ I go where the body tells me to go. Light pressure is applied depending on preference of client.  

Craniosacral ~ Gentle approach to releasing tension.  

Prenatal ~ Focus on the mother-to-be's needs.

​Add On Services

Aromatouch Technique | $75 ​

This 45 minute technique is an application of essential oils on your back, feet, and hands.  The oils are applied to the meridians (energy lines) in these areas, providing powerful connections to the oils, and promoting all over well being.

​Himilayan Singing Bowls | $35 - 20 minutes | $45 - 30 minutes

The bowl is played over the body and used for deep relaxation, muscle rejuvenation, increases immunity, eases pain, improves circulation, and cleanses energy.  This occurs through the tone and vibration the bowl gives.

What my clients shared about receiving bodywork from me:

"Thank you so very much for helping me.  My intenstines are feeling so much better.  Your healing ability is a blessing." ~ Gloria

​"I am loving my new body and honoring my past pain, acknowledging it, and giving thanks for the freedom I feel when I move, not taking it for granted and giving thanks for you! ~ Allison

"I just wanted to say thank you Char, my back is feeling so much better yesterday and today!  Appreciate your magic! :)" ~ Victor

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